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I finally said yes to looking at a Thermomix and just as I expected, I fell in love, and now I am completely hooked! As you know, I love cooking and you may think, why do I need a Thermomix but honestly, what this machine can do is astounding, and the speed it does it in is also astounding!

I’m even more excited about cooking now with this in my kitchen, and having the online recipe cookbook called Cookidoo with over 80,000 recipes at your finger tips just opens up so many opportunities and possibilities for trying new flavours and dishes. And it’s so easy, the kids are now cooking with it which they weren’t before.

This is for you if you’re wanting to:

  • Become more creative in the kitchen,
  • Eat healthier,
  • Save money (especially on meal delivery services),
  • Eliminate the need for packaged foods (especially if you’ve got allergies or an auto immune disease and need to know what’s in your food), or
  • You’re just so time poor that you keep making the same meals over and over again, need inspiration and an extra set of hands in the kitchen (because basically it’s hands free cooking), let’s chat

I know hands down, having a Thermomix on your bench is literally going to change your life, as it has done mine.

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