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My work is all about people – feeding you, empowering you in the kitchen and helping you lead a happier, healthier life through easy and nutritious recipes.

So while great ingredients are essential, connecting with great people is just as important!

I have lots of great ways that we can connect, depending on what you are looking for. I promise amazing content and value no matter the service you choose!


Want to work through some great recipes for every meal? Or maybe you are looking for inspiration to jazz up your family’s lunchboxes in a healthy way? Then I have you covered with two fantastic cookbooks packed full of wholesome and delicious ideas. Healthy Lunchbox Love & 21 Day Marvelous Lunchbox Makeover.

Check out my cookbooks here


I love workshops! Whether they are in my home, in your home, at your corporate office, or at a live event – I love them all. I am passionate about showing you how quick and easy it is to create healthy dishes that also taste amazing.

To see what workshops are coming up over the next few mothers, whether it be a Mother and Daughter workshop, or a Mother and Son, or just a healthy baking workshop, click here . If you’d like to get a group of ladies together and host a workshop in your home, or if you have a specific request, simply send me an email.

Your Kitchen Makeover

No, this is not me changing your benchtops or the colours of your kitchen cupboards – it is what goes into your cupboards that I am interested in!

Do you ever felt stuck at the supermarket, unsure of what to buy to construct healthy and yummy meals that your family will love?

Then let me help you.

This great service will help get you on the right track to producing delicious, wholesome meals every night. Here is what is involved:

  • Assessment of your pantry contents to see what is good and what is not
  • Suggestions for creating amazing balanced meals
  • Supermarket shopping assistance
  • A cooking demonstration
  • Resources to help you going forward

Love the sound of this and want to find out how to work with Wick? Send me an email for more information.

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