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Why would you stop now leading into the summer holidays, when you’ve worked so hard over the past 6 weeks?

Here is your chance to survive and thrive through the summer months.
Keep up with the hard yards and continue to reap the benefits in 2018!

The Wicked Summer Survival Tribe

Are you scared that once The Wicked Healthy Tribe has finished, you’ll fall back into your old ways,
start picking at those unhealthy foods, stop exercising, let the festive celebrations
get to you and undo everything you’ve achieved thus far?

Great news, I’ve got something for you to help!

Over the past 6 weeks you’ve learnt which foods keep you sustained and how sluggish and tired certain foods make you feel, and if you prioritise exercise, you feel so much better for getting it done.

But you’ve also discovered that the support and accountability that comes with being part of the tribe makes you feel like you’re not doing it alone, right? You also love the frequent inspiration and by reading all the fabulous comments, it inspires you to do better.

It’s pretty hard to push yourself out of bed in the morning or to drag your sorry bottom out in the evening to exercise when there’s no-one to give you a deadline or to kick your butt into action isn’t it?

The good news, you don’t have to go it alone from here!

Join the Wicked Summer Survival Tribe starting on the 11th Dec and…

For the next 3 months, lets keep the momentum going and keep the accountability and support you’ve really enjoyed being a part of and know is essential! We’ll take it quietly over the heart of the Christmas period as that is family time but imagine what we can achieve over 3 months? I’ll show you how you can navigate around the endless festive occasions to your advantage, with both food and exercise.

Over this time, together we’ll create some fantastic healthy habits because hopefully you’ll have more time to focus on them. There won’t be the daily check ins… (of course, if you want it you can) but it’s more about setting weekly goals and striving for them.

Use the holidays as an opportunity to make the most of the more relaxed environment to fit your exercise in and really experimenting with food even more. Of course, you can also enjoy those nibbles and a gin/wine (or two!) at night because, not only have you earn’t it but you’re on holiday, right?

Summer drink

So, are you ready for the next step, starting on the 11th Dec
to commit to your Summer Survival for 3 months?

Here’s what you get…

  • I’ll share exactly how I survive the festivities, salads suitable for Christmas day and bbq’s, healthy snacks, nibbles, healthy treats (including a coffee walnut slice and chocolate pomegranate bark which are exclusive to my workshops!). And what I ensure I have with me when I go away on holiday so I can continue to be as healthy as I can be.

  • A downloadable printable copy of Your Ultimate 10-day Holiday Meal e-guide’, so you can be prepared before you go away on holiday, including a shopping list and tips on what to do before you leave so you can totally relax while you’re away.

  • A new private Wicked Summer Survival Tribe Facebook group for only those who are dedicated and keen to step up.

  • A monthly online guest expert covering mindfulness, behaviour change and a workshop on ‘Learn to Build your Life Your Way’ – these will be recorded that you can listen to at any stage.

  • Continued exercise inspiration from the amazing Nikki Williams to do over the holidays, that can be done from anywhere. You can even request what areas you’d like to work on and Nikki will create something tailor made for us!

  • Facebook live videos, making something nutritious or sharing a valuable tip or trick that will make your life easier.

Yes Wick, I so need more! I’m in!

Join the Wicked Summer Survival Tribe  –  ONLY $197 for 3 months

Are you still a bit stuck? Have you really struggled getting the traction you wanted over the past 6 weeks? Still not sure even where to start?

If this is a yes, but you know in your heart what you want to achieve, then you’re probably like me when I take on something new and I like to have my hand held (that’s why I have a business coach!). You may find that some personal 1 – 1 on-line coaching would be really beneficial, where it’s broken down into bite sized pieces and tailored specifically for your needs.

If this appeals, I’m offering 3 x 1 – 1 on-line coaching sessions and unlimited email contact with me for the duration of the summer survival tribe.

We’ll get your head in the right place for the summer holidays, create a plan specifically tailored to you and I’ll personally help you to stay on track!

Join the Wicked Summer Survival Tribe Extra  –  ONLY $497 for 3 months

(Includes everything in the Summer Survival plus 3 x 1-1 coaching sessions and unlimited email access)