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Where to Source Ingredients From

//Where to Source Ingredients From

Where to Source Ingredients From

Where do I source my ingredients from?

I recently invited a group of ladies to get together to ask them for feedback on Wicked Wellbeing, what they liked, what they’d like to see and what they felt was missing.

One thing that came up from many of them was where I buy my ingredients from. If I don’t get them from the supermarket, where do I source them from? So I thought I’d put it into one resource, so this is more of a go to if you’re struggling to find certain ingredients. Depending where you live or your lifestyle, on-line shopping could be an easier option.

I definitely like to steam-line where I source my ingredients from as I don’t want to be traipsing all over town. I have listed below all the different options, however I don’t go to all of these places each week.

Bulk Food Savings – Mt Eden

If you live in Auckland, one of my absolute favourite shops is Bulk Food Savings at 217 Dominion Road, Mt Eden (the entrance is off Walters Road, heading into the Wendy’s Drive through). It is a tiny shop but stocks everything you need. It’s great for specialty flours, dried herbs & spices, gluten free baking, organic ingredients, lentils, bulk foods, coconut sugar, cacao powder, nuts and seeds.

Bin Inn stores or your local bulk food/health food shops are a great source of ingredients too.

Local Pak-n-Save Supermarket

I try to buy most of my ingredients from the supermarket which I’m finding are stocking more and more. Apart from my normal shop, I find the most economical is pure maple syrup, nuts and seeds from Alison’s Pantry Bulk Foods, oils, canned foods, gluten free options

Wesley Community Centre Market

The Wesley Community Centre fruit and vegetable markets in Mt Roskill are on a Tuesday & Friday morning. Fresh fruit and vegetables, tofu, free range eggs, fresh herbs. If you can, source one locally to you.

Mt Albert Markets

Fresh meat, supplied from Neat Meat. Every Saturday morning, 847 New North Road. If you can, source one locally to you.

Indian Stores (Sandringham)

Tahini paste, dried chickpeas, brown rice flour, bulk spices, chickpea flour, polenta, lentils. If you can, source one locally to you.

Asian Supermarket

Lims Asian Supermarket – 949 New North Rd, Mount Albert. All Asian supplies, sushi sheets, buckwheat noodles, nori sheets, pad thai noodles, vermicelli noodles, frozen lemongrass, frozen edamame. If you can, source one locally to you.

On-line stores

Coconut Oil

I recommend Tanna Farms, organic 100% virgin coconut oil, additive free delivered to your door. Produced in Vanuatu and shipped from their local warehouse in New Zealand. For a 20% discount on all of their products, use the code ‘wickedoil’ at checkout. www.tannafarms.com.vu. Check out their 1kg and 5kg tubs!

Protein Powder

I recommend Nuzest. I love their protein powder as it’s clean, easy to use and it keeps you sustained, suitable for all dietary requirements. For a 15% discount on all of their products, use the code ‘wicked’ at checkout. www.nuzest.co.nz

Lindstrom Foods

An excellent on-line supplier of all health foods is www.lindstromfoods.co.nz I have just discovered this store from one of the ladies who attended the research evening. I haven’t ordered yet but I definitely will be, their prices are really competitive and they offer a huge variety of ingredients, from nuts and seeds, dried legumes, pasta, rice, everything!

If there is anything specific I haven’t covered, please don’t hesitate to ask. Good luck on finding your local store.

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  1. Jas July 25, 2016 at 5:07 am - Reply

    Hi wick
    You mentioned you buy tofu from local Sandringham market. Do you know if it is organic tofu. Do we need to be concerned about gmo soybeans.

    • Wicked Wellbeing July 25, 2016 at 11:57 pm - Reply

      Hi Jas, I don’t know if this is organic, I’ll find out though and let you know. It’s as fresh as fresh so I feel really confident it’s ok but let me come back to you! He hasn’t been there the past few weeks though so I haven’t been able to get it.

  2. Elizabeth October 8, 2016 at 8:12 am - Reply

    Hi Wick,

    I know you briefly mentioned Bin Inn – but I just want to put a big shout out to them; we now live in the South Waikato, so don’t have a store near us unfortunately; however when we lived in Auckland I went to the Howick Bin Inn fortnightly and I found their prices very competitive (I did a price check with our local PaknSave at the time and found they came in cheaper for a good 90% of the products we bought). Their staff were informative, and helpful and very friendly – they always spoke to my children and would often sneak them some dried fruit as a treat. While I no longer live near a Bin Inn, we try to get across to the Papamoa Bin Inn as regularly as we can afford to, but even if we can’t – I can email a shopping list over, and the Manager Alexis will fill it for me, and courier it back to me, or put it aside for extended family who live nearby to pick up. I have found her to be extremely helpful, her staff are fairly knowledgeable, and very very willing to go the extra mile to help us.

    So big UPS to the local Bin Inn’s as well!

    • Wicked Wellbeing October 11, 2016 at 4:41 pm - Reply

      Yes, Bin Inns are amazing! Thanks for sharing Elizabeth… that is incredible service! 🙂

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