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Let me take you on a wee journey…

Have you ever been on a wellness retreat? Have you ever taken two days out just for you, where you can completely relax and not have to think about a thing other than yourself.

Not even what food you need to take, if there’s going to be enough coffee, or what you actually need to take!

Nope: This weekend retreat is all done for you. All you need to think about is getting yourself there and then it’s over to me!

Think fresh juices to start your day, nourishing whole foods all weekend long to energise your soul, cooking workshops, exercise classes on the deck, spas under the stars, walks along the beach, camaraderie with other amazing ladies on the same journey as you, in the most incredible venue up in Whananaki, 2 ¾ hrs north of Auckland… it doesn’t get much better than that.

Imagine having this to look forward to for next year – an unforgettable experience as Lynda said (see Lynda’s testimonial below):

Now get into the moment and watch this video… this could be you next time!

This is a weekend to recharge your batteries, take some time out for yourself and immerse yourself in complete goodness. Leave with the knowledge about good food and what it can do for you and regain enthusiasm for cooking, exercise and life!

Whananaki Wellness Retreat

So, what exactly can you expect from a May Wellness Weekend?

  • 2 nights’ accommodation in a gorgeous designer holiday home

  • Delicious and nutritious cuisine – all meals included (excludes Friday night)

  • Cleansing fresh juices, whole foods, plant based and raw sweet treats, (all meals accommodate gluten and dairy allergies)

  • Learn and be involved with cooking workshops with Wick

  • Exercise classes with Nikki, Personal Trainer that suit all fitness levels (bring your own yoga mat)

  • Educational session with Nikki on how to make exercise more achievable and to fit it into your day

  • Team workshops – in small groups, prepare the Saturday night evening meal together

  • Solo time to reconnect, reflect and enjoy the space to simply relax and read your book

  • Gorgeous beach walks, canoes/kayaking/paddle boarding  and an outdoor spa under the stars

What People Are Saying About The Retreat…

Having not been on a Retreat before, I took the opportunity to join Wick, Nikki and other lovely, strong and hilarious women at the September Spring Retreat in Whananaki North. I highly recommend the experience to anyone who is looking for an opportunity to learn something new about healthy and delicious food, amazing exercise sessions, explore how to create new habits without being overwhelmed and take the chance to rest and relax at my own pace. This retreat was carefully planned out and well balanced to include exercise sessions, and free time to enjoy gentle walks, hot-tubbing, or just chilling, reading, and sleeping with no other demands from home. Be prepared for some healthy, delicious, and creative workshops and dishes to nourish your body, resurrect your balance and peace, and to absorb the amazing energy of a beautiful place and beautiful people to carry with you into your daily life. I highly recommend this to everyone ... the wonderful women you meet make it all so worthwhile. Thank you Wick for making my very first retreat something I will never forget.

Lynda Edwards


Lynda Edwards

Renee Blaire

I wanted to go on the retreat for rest and recovery. I also wanted to learn more tips and tricks about cooking whole foods. I was also really looking forward to meeting like-minded women. I loved the relaxed environment and amazing company! Really enjoyed Nikki’s talk especially about self-worth and it’s OK to mess up sometimes with food or exercise but not to let that get you down. Move forward (Full stop). My biggest take away was that I am enough.

Renee Blair


Renee Blair

Renee Blaire
Michelle Daniels

Thank you for the opportunity of coming along to your fabulous weekend. You and Nikki are an awesome team and I absolutely love the enthusiasm and knowledge that you bring along to the retreat. A great mix of fitness, wellness and nutrition sessions intertwined with delicious food and down time. I definitely came away with some keep tips from you both. I think what you are doing is so incredibly valuable and gives people the opportunity to share, reflect, learn and grow in such a supportive environment. An amazing lady you are; you have found your niche Wick!

Michelle Daniel


Michelle Daniel

Michelle Daniels


To make a booking, contact me HERE or on 021 470 974. 11 out of 14 places available – 3 already gone!