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Non-Stick Baking Sheet – 42cm x 33cm

//Non-Stick Baking Sheet – 42cm x 33cm

Non-Stick Baking Sheet – 42cm x 33cm


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Non-stick reusable PTFE Teflon® baking sheet as a replacement for baking paper.

FDA approved and of the highest food standard.

Suitable for baking, roasting, barbecuing without the need for extra oil.



Do you do a lot of baking and frustrated with wasting so much baking paper? Have you tried a teflon baking sheet?

A reusable PTFE Teflon® healthy baking sheet is the size of a standard baking tray, 42cm x 33cm. Being reusable, they can easily be washed under warm soapy water and dried. It is highly chemical resistant and is bonded onto a special woven fabric to provide good strength and resistance to bacteria. When used for baking, heat is attracted to the area where the sheet or liner is, allowing roasts, cakes and biscuits to cook more evenly. The liner/baking sheet can be trimmed to fit a specific dish, cake tin or tray. FDA approved.

Versatile, reusable, long lasting, washable, hard wearing and durable.

Use these:-

* On a baking tray for scones, biscuits, pavlovas, etc

* Cut to specifically fit your cake tins and loaf tins

* Under your casserole/pie/dessert dishes to catch spills and splatters for easy oven clean up

* In your fry pan for fat free healthy cooking.

* On a BBQ hotplate


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