How You Can Make Healthy Eating A Habit

//How You Can Make Healthy Eating A Habit

How You Can Make Healthy Eating A Habit

How You Can Make Healthy Eating A Habit

If you have tried to quit smoking, drinking coffee or eating sugar, you will know that habits are hard to break. Much of the focus out there is around stopping bad habits. But not much thought goes into creating habits that are good for us.

Yes, forming new habits takes a bit of planning and mindfulness. But, once those habits are in place, life gets a whole lot easier!

So, how can you apply this philosophy to healthy eating?

We all know the basics of eating healthy and what we need to do. However, it can be hard to put that knowledge into practice.

Instead of embarking on a strict diet or overwhelming yourself with intense health goals, why not try to build small but significant healthy eating habits into your lifestyle.

Every change has to start somewhere and taking small actions now can have a big impact down the track.

Here, we share some great tips and advice on how to turn your healthy eating choices into a habit.


How You Can Make Healthy Eating A Habit

Stock Up On Options Healthy Eating options - Wick Nixon

Even with the best intentions to eat well, it can be hard to make healthy choices when you are busy or stressed and have to make an effort. Save yourself the trouble of finding something good to eat by filling your fridge and pantry with good options once a week. Stock up on nutritious snacks like fruits, vegetables, nuts, low-fat dairy products, and hummus. That way, you can grab and go when you are in a rush.


Rearrange Your Kitchen

Sometimes, it is all about convenience and temptation. Also, it is about knowing your control levels. Some of us may need to rid our houses of chocolate, chips and other unhealthy items altogether. However, others may be able to tuck them at the back of the pantry for a treat. Out of sight, out of mind!

Keep fresh fruit and healthy items on the bench to remind you to choose them.


Focus More On Adding Than Taking Away

Instead of obsessing about cutting unhealthy foods out of your diet, try to focus more on adding healthy foods. That way, you won’t feel like you are missing out. Plus, when you get in the habit of eating well-rounded meals and snacks, you won’t need to reach for those less than ideal foods just to fill the gap.


Put Snacks On A Platesnacks on a plate - healthy eating with Wicked Wellbeing

Hands up if you have ever sat in front of a movie with a bag of lollies and suddenly found you’d eaten them all?

Portion size and self-control can go out the window when you are eating straight from the packet. It is better to put the correct portion into a bowl and enjoy it with restraint.


Make Changes Gradually

Nobody says you have to clean out your pantry and immediately start making perfect choices all day, every day. In fact, if you set out with an all or nothing approach, you are more likely to fail.

Instead, set yourself the goal of making small changes day by day, or even week by week. Add veggies as a side to one meal a day; substitute pancakes for oatmeal once a week, and work from there.


Eat Mindfully

Try to avoid buying, preparing or eating while you are distracted. This is one of the key reasons for poor food choices and overeating. Pay attention to what you buy, cook and consume instead of grabbing and eating on autopilot. Eat slowly and learn to listen to your body, so you know when you are truly hungry, and when you are full.


Keep A Food Journal

Those who write down everything they eat are far more likely to stick to healthy eating habits than those who don’t. It is all part of the mindfulness of nourishing ourselves.

By writing down what you are consuming, you are more conscious of what goes into your mouth. It helps you to form those healthy eating habits and when you’re about to make unhealthy ones, you’ll find you don’t want to write it down, therefore don’t eat it. Just try it, it really works!


Healthy Eating Exposed

Healthy eating doesn’t have to mean bland and boring food or depriving yourself of the things you love. You can still enjoy treats in moderation and your favourite naughty snacks on occasion.

The idea is to have those underlying healthy habits so that is doesn’t matter if you want dessert at a restaurant, or some chocolate at Easter. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring. Get experimental; try a new ingredient, recipe, spice, or cuisine once a week. Simply let yourself enjoy your food, and you will be reaching for an apple instead of a cookie before you know it.

And it is always easier to do something like this with support. Instead of feeling isolated and pressured to get it right on your own, why not join a tribe of like-minded ladies who are all working towards the same goals. If this sounds great, then the Wicked Healthy Tribe could be for you! Check out more info on The Wicked Healthy Tribe here, and join the waitlist so you’re the first person to find out when the doors open up again soon.



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