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Life isn’t always sunshine and butterflies

//Life isn’t always sunshine and butterflies

Life isn’t always sunshine and butterflies

You may have seen my post or video on Facebook recently but just incase you haven’t, I’d love to share something with you how life isn’t always sunshine and butterflies. A couple of weeks ago I had a planning session for my business for 2018. When I was deciding on my social media strategy, my coach said to me, “Wick, you get really great views from your Facebook live videos, why don’t you do them more consistently?”

And I said, “Do you know why Nat, because I’m too scared to commit to regular Facebook lives because I’m scared the morning that it’s scheduled, I might not be feeling up to it”.

Another lady there who I’d never met before but who had been following me for a while said, “What do you mean, you always come across as being so bright and bubbly, energetic and so on top of things?”. And I said, “On a good day, yes and that’s when I’m out there doing it but there can also be some bad days when I just want to curl up and hide”. This really came as a surprise to her (this is one reason why I don’t like Facebook because it gives a false pretence that everything is perfect and happy but you actually never see the other side!).

If you’ve been following me for a while, you may remember in 2015, I shared my story where in my early 20’s, I started to experience depression and it’s not a pleasant place to be. Then for about 15 years, I was on medication and I know I got addicted, to a point where I used to see stars if I hadn’t taken it.

Then, as I got more and more into my health, it didn’t feel right to be putting those chemicals into my body so I very gradually went off them. No amount of warning or advice could prepare me for that harrowing ride I was about to experience (and all I can say is that thank goodness I had a sister that was the most supportive and amazing person I could ever ask for – she was my rock).

Luckily, I got through it and I’m now out the other side so to speak. But I don’t think I’ll ever be completely free and sometimes unwelcome thoughts rare their ugly head, especially leading into the time of the month where I’m teary, irritable and irrational – I’m sure my husband thinks I’m completely just out to pick a fight!

So, what I want to say is life isn’t always sunshine and butterflies but what I am going to do is commit to weekly Facebook lives every Thursday morning at 9.30am, because funnily enough, I actually really enjoy them and I know you find them really helpful too, especially if you’re a visual person! And hopefully by knowing you’re going to be there if you can join me live, it will help me on the odd morning that I might not be feeling on top of my game. So please, remember to come on over and join me, (there may be the odd occasion that I might have to reschedule and over the summer holidays, I maybe not as regular but I’m sure you’ll be out enjoying the sunshine anyway!).

Thank you for your support and your amazing comments, I really love what I do and inspiring you with healthier choices for yourself and your family. Take care and be kind to yourself. ? To hear more about my journey and my story, watch my video at the bottom of “Wick’s Story” page. 

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