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Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Families

//Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Families

Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Families

Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Families

No doubt you are aware that there are many sugar-loaded breakfast cereals, bars and snacks available that can be disguised as healthy choices. The feedback we’ve had is that it can be hard to come up with nutritious alternatives, especially if your children are used to their favourite sugary cereals.

Here we have compiled some simple suggestions that we hope will help inspire you to introduce some more wholesome breakfasts to your family.

Best breakfast cereal options

Our top picks from the standard breakfast cereal options on the market are: oats; natural puffed grains such as millet, quinoa or rice; and weetbix (standard or gluten free). You can also put together an easy home-made muesli with a base of the cereals mentioned and load it up with shredded coconut, seeds, nuts and some raisins or dates if you wish – or try this toasted Wicked Wellbeing Home-made Muesli recipe.

Pimp your porridge

Try changing up your porridge by cooking your oats with chia seeds or ground linseed, sunflower and almonds (or our Home-made LSA-P), or serve your porridge with different toppings – some of our fav’s are:

  • Pear + ginger
  • Apple, dates + cinnamon
  • Grated carrot, raisins + mixed spice
  • Peanut butter + cacao nibs (or cacao powder)
  • Blueberries + vanilla extract

If time is short in the morning, there’s always the option of overnight oats or bircher style muesli where you simply soak your oats or muesli overnight in your choice of milk/water with some of the fruit/spice ideas above – and top with natural yoghurt, and nuts or seeds, to serve if you wish.

Add a drizzle of honey or pure maple syrup for extra sweetness if required.

Swap the oats

If you are looking for a gluten free alternative to oats, try making a porridge-style breakfast with rice, millet or quinoa. Simply cook the grains in water as per cooking instructions and serve with your choice of milk (coconut milk is a delicious option) and any of the toppings mentioned above or below.

Jazz up your weetbix

Grab some ideas from above for jazzing up your weetbix or try some of these flavourful combos:

  • Pineapple, thread coconut + ginger
  • Kiwifruit + natural yoghurt
  • Raspberries + cacao nibs
  • Poached peaches, vanilla extract + cinnamon

Weetbix can also be served ‘dry’ as an alternative to toast, spread with butter and top with banana and cinnamon (fair to say this is best washed down with a glass of water or milk!). 

Tasty toast and excellent eggs

For a change from cereal, choose a quality wholemeal/grainy bread or toasted kumara slices, topped with something savoury such as tomato, cheese, avo (when in season); or something sweet such as nut butter, banana + cinnamon. Eggs provide many breakfast options too – scrambled, poached, omelets, frittata… perfect for the weekend with spinach, bacon or smoked salmon.

Think outside the square

If you or your kids don’t like traditional breakfasts such as those mentioned above, then think outside the square and consider unconventional breakfast possibilities – even if it is leftovers from dinner – wholesome and nutritious food can be served any time of day!

Healthy Muffins, Loaf or Cake – such as Carrot + Apple Muffins, Blueberry + Passionfruit Muffins, or Savoury Muffins, just as long as they’re a low sugar option. Or you could serve a banana loaf toasted with melted butter as a variation.

Protein Packed Pikeletsmade with eggs, banana and cinnamon and/or protein powder if you like – a big batch can be frozen for convenience. Check out our 21 Day Marvelous Lunchbox Makeover Cookbook for breakfast recipes including pikelets.

Banana Splits – kids think these are a real treat but you can simply serve banana topped with yoghurt and some other goodies such as thread coconut, puffed rice or millet, LSA-P, or sliced almonds.

Smoothies so many options here. A great base to smoothies is frozen banana and blueberries then you can add whatever you desire – avocado, yoghurt, nuts, chia seeds, LSA-P, coconut water, milk and protein powder. Also consider blending weetbix or oats into a smoothie for more sustenance. If you have leftover smoothie, freeze it into ice block moulds and serve it the following morning for breakfast – the kids will feel very special!

See the recipes section on our website for more healthy recipes.



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