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You Scored 61 – 80. That means…

You’re a Gluten-Free Guru

You’ve got gluten-free eating down to a science my friend and it shows!

You’re a master at meal planning & prep, pretty much always cook whole foods from scratch, aren’t tempted by gluten foods at all and have practically eliminated refined sugars from your diet. You’re feeling pretty healthy and happy!

When your friends have a question about healthy eating, they come to you first. You’re always happy to share your wisdom – and your NutriBullet recipes!

So, what’s lacking?

Balance! Pleasure! And a little bit of self-indulgence!

“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” — Mahatma Gandhi

Give yourself permission to relax and indulge every once in a while (still gluten-free of course!)

1. Take up dark chocolate! It’s filled with antioxidants and it gives you a natural serotonin boost: winning! Indulge in a couple of pieces and savour it!

2. Next time you go out for dinner with your besties, order whatever you want! You’ve earned it, friend, and you’ve got the knowledge on how to navigate it so you don’t feel like a noggin – so enjoy – you may have avoided it for some time now!

3. Keep upping the greens — add greens at every opportunity, and even ditch the carbs at night and add more greens! Then work on mastering a couple of new, clean, recipes each week, just to add some variety to your life (I’ve got you covered! Download my 4 x Favourite Gluten-Free Family Meals HERE!)


“Who’s this health whiz with all the tips?” Let me introduce myself…

Hi 👋 I’m Wick Nixon!

I’m a passionate foodie, and although now living in Auckland, I’m originally from the sunny Hawkes Bay and I’m straight up obsessed with all things healthy gluten-free.

When I’m not walking my excitable cavoodle Tilly, dropping off my teenagers here, there and everywhere, or enjoying a home brew booch, I’m learning everything that I can about how to help people like you reach their health goals.

Because there’s nothing I want more than for you than to live the healthiest, happiest life that you can that is life changing, and I promise you, it is life changing when you discover how to eat gluten-free with ease, and healthy!

My approach to gluten-free eating is all about balance, keeping it simple and achievable so it’s not overwhelming. So don’t expect me to suggest you completely overhaul your pantry or fridge in one day, because it’s all about baby steps and taking it slowly!

Looking for a couple of easy ways to level up your health game?

1. Join us in my free Easy Gluten Free Eating for Busy Mama’s Facebook Group. It’s filled with people like you, who care about their health and are ready to take it to the next level. You’ll find community and support for wherever you’re at in your gluten-free journey!

2. Check out my blog post on Taking the Stress Out of Going Gluten-Free Today!

3. Have a look at the huge number of gluten-free recipes on my website. I keep it really real and actionable so you can easily start eating gluten-free without the overwhelm!

Be sure to look for me in your inbox, because I’ll be hopping in real soon with your results again, a reminder of some of my fave gluten-free family recipes and some more easily actionable tips to help you feel your absolute best and to help you continue on your healthy guru status!

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