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You Scored between 21-40. That means…

You’re a Gluten-Free Believer

You’re a few months into your gluten-free journey and you’re starting to feel your way around, go you! Whether it’s having less Uber Eats visits, avoiding more packaged foods, or cooking from scratch: your healthy gluten-free eating journey is on the right track & and you’re starting to feel the results of your efforts!

Sure, you might indulge in a packet of chips every once in a while, or hit up that drive-thru for a salty pick-me-up after a long day at work.

But you’re realising gluten-free eating is important to you and the habits you’ve already picked up will go a long way to help you level up your health and energy!

And don’t worry, friend, I’ve got some ideas for you to help you fast-track your way to a healthy gluten-free food guru status in no time!

All you have to do is keep going!

“If you keep good food in your fridge, you will eat good food.” – Errick McAdams

Start adding in more brightly coloured fruits & veggies on the daily!

1. Focus on naturally gluten-free foods, especially veggies. Easy way to do it? Throw some berries, kale, nuts and yoghurt into a blender for a green smoothie, wilt some spinach to have with your eggs, avocado and gluten-free toast, or add a side salad or stir-fried veggie mix to your evening meal instead of the windy pasta!

2. Be prepared with your snacks! Snacks can so be your downfall because when you’re starving, ready to naww your arm off, you’ll choose anything in sight, gluten-free or not! Be prepared, when you leave the house, take some nuts, some veggie sticks and hummus, a hard boiled egg, some crackers and cheese, a pre-made smoothie. These will help keep you full, regulate your blood sugar, and seriously amp up your nutritional intake!

3. Drink a glass of warm water and a slice of lemon first thing in the morning, before your coffee. And if you’re game, add a slice of fresh ginger and a pinch of cayenne. This will up level your hydration game AND get your digestion started on the right track, while giving your toxins the boot! (and it may curb your coffee and sugar cravings too!).

P.S Just in-case you’re still a little bit overwhelmed and confused with confidently where to get started, download a list of how to REPLACE MAJOR SOURCES OF GLUTEN FIRST – CLICK HERE to grab that download.

And if you need reminding which foods you CAN enjoy, I’ve put them in a list for you too (and trust me, there’s loads!). Print off the LIST OF FOODS YOU CAN ENJOY HERE.


“Who’s this health whiz with all the tips?” Let me introduce myself…

Hi 👋 I’m Wick Nixon!

I’m a passionate foodie, and although now living in Auckland, I’m originally from the sunny Hawkes Bay and I’m straight up obsessed with all things healthy gluten-free.

When I’m not walking my excitable cavoodle Tilly, dropping off my teenagers here, there and everywhere, or enjoying a home brew booch, I’m learning everything that I can about how to help people like you reach their health goals.

Because there’s nothing I want more than for you than to live the healthiest, happiest life that you can that is life changing, and I promise you, it is life changing when you discover how to eat gluten-free with ease, and healthy!

My approach to gluten-free eating is all about balance, keeping it simple and achievable so it’s not overwhelming. So don’t expect me to suggest you completely overhaul your pantry or fridge in one day, because it’s all about baby steps and taking it slowly!

Looking for another easy way to level up your health game?

1. Join us in my free Easy Gluten Free Eating for Busy Mama’s Facebook Group. It’s filled with people like you, who care about their health and are ready to take it to the next level. You’ll find community and support for wherever you’re at in your gluten-free journey!

Be sure to look for me in your inbox, because I’ll be hopping in with your results again and some more easily actionable tips to help you feel your absolute best to get started on your gluten-free journey!

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