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Behind-the-Scenes of my Brand Video

//Behind-the-Scenes of my Brand Video

Behind-the-Scenes of my Brand Video

Have seen my new Wicked Wellbeing brand video yet? If yes, doesn’t it look great? So professional and swimmingly perfect? (Make sure you read on before you think I’m just blowing my own trumpet!)

Well, this is a behind-the-scenes of what went on leading up to the film shoot… and I can assure you, it certainly wasn’t all plain sailing! Sometimes I get so frustrated with the social media high light reels with everyone just posted the ‘good stuff’ that I feel there needs to be more realism out there. So this blog is about keeping it real!

When I get tired, I’m prone to eye infections – you know some people get cold sores, or bags under their eyes? Well, I get wicked eye infections where my eye lids blow up like a balloon.

Somehow, with a few sleepless nights and too much going on, these disastrous eye infections appeared in both eyes the week before the first date we had scheduled to do the shoot, and no amount of TLC or sleep helped. In fact, they were the worst I’ve ever had – the doctor said, “Gosh, they’re pretty severe!” (that made me feel better – NOT). Thankfully, the weather gods weren’t on my side anyway and we had to postpone but there was no way I could have through with it – no make-up would have covered them up!

Then my middle girl Ana, who was lined up to be in our family shoot with Oli & Briar in the kitchen, who is prone to cold sores, started getting the biggest cold sore EVER two days before the shoot. We had to frantically apply Zovirax every moment of the day, and although it wasn’t at its peak, we still needed a bit of foundation to cover it up.

Then there was the having to pay my girls $5 each to be in the kitchen in the film shoot so that it went well and there was no fighting 😉(that was the film directors’ idea) and a genius one at that because it worked a treat!

Not that this was a biggie but Tilly just loves people so she made herself right at home and managed to wangle her way in between the film producers legs!

Lastly, let’s not forget about the extra expense of heading along to Farmers to buy the sucky in undies (or nanny panny’s like my daughter called them!) because I wanted to look at my best but after spending less than 2 minutes in them, I realised I couldn’t breathe and letting it all out was a much better option!

So, as I now share the final video with you, it humours me to think about the lengths we go through to try and make things look great, when really on the other side, you have no idea what people are dealing with or what challenges they’re going through. After being a parent, I will never EVER judge another parent because there’s no way you can walk in their shoes and know the path they’re travelling down.

If you haven’t seen my brand video, watch it HERE and have a wee giggle knowing what we dealt with leading up to it.

If you like what you see, and would like a bit more from me, join my FREE 5-day Challenge, 5 Tips to Kick-Start Healthy Eating Habits starting on Monday, 21st October. My goal is to help you overcome the barriers that get in the way from you achieving healthy eating for yourself and your family; like you just don’t know where to start, you’re time poor and exhausted, how do you do it, how do you stick to the healthy habits or how do you do it on a budget? If any of those questions go through you mind, then this is for you, it’s all covered! Check out all the details HERE.

I can’t wait to see you inside the challenge! And I’d love to know if this blog has resonated with you, please post leave a comment below.



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