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5 Simple Ways to Stay Healthy Over Summer

//5 Simple Ways to Stay Healthy Over Summer

5 Simple Ways to Stay Healthy Over Summer

The summer holidays can be a challenging time for so many, there are temptations, so many social engagements and it’s often a time when people struggle to stay on track with their eating. Here are some great ideas so you don’t fall off the wagon!

1. Have Healthy Sweet Treats Already in the Fridge so you’re not tempted to lash out on the unhealthy sweets that are on offer. Make some Black Bean fudge or some sugar free chocolate coated Bliss Balls.

2. Don’t Nibble While Standing Up at a party or while preparing the food. Sit down at a table with your plate so you can focus on your food and keep track of how much you’re eating.

3. Slow Down and Actually Chew Your Food – If you rush through your meal with hardly any chewing, you’re not really tasting or enjoying the food. When you take the time to properly chew your food, it forces you to slow down, savor each morsel and really enjoy all the flavors your food has to offer, and therefore eat less.

4. Grab a Healthy Snack First – If you’re eating out, going shopping, or going to a party, grab a healthy snack first. Why? Hunger is a slippery slope on which it’s really hard to balance. If you go out hungry, you’re unlikely to have control over what you’re eating, therefore making unhealthy choices. So grab a piece of fruit, a handful of almonds or walnuts, some wholegrain crackers and cheese before you head out the door.

5. Enjoy It! Don’t deprive yourself of that piece of cheesecake if that’s all you can think about, otherwise you’ll probably find yourself in the fridge at 2am with a fork in the hand! Instead, pass on the roll with butter at dinner and have a small piece instead.

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