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15 Delicious Ways With Zucchinis

//15 Delicious Ways With Zucchinis

15 Delicious Ways With Zucchinis

15 Delicious Ways With Zucchinis

It is the season for an abundance of zucchinis! Hopefully you, or someone you know, has a bumper crop – or you can source them affordably from your local produce shop, supermarket or farmers market.

The beauty of zucchinis (a.k.a courgettes) is they have a neutral flavour which can be paired with numerous other ingredients and enjoyed in sweet or savoury dishes, and used in SO many ways – here are some ideas for you to share with your family!


  • Try zucchini fritters with grated carrot or kumara and/or peas – serve with bacon if you wish


  • An egg based grated zucchini, onion and cheese slice is popular in lunchboxes
  • Spiralised zucchini, or thin ribbons, in a salad with cherry tomatoes, fresh mint and feta is a light and nutritious alternative to pasta or noodles
  • Thinly sliced zucchini, herbs and cheese on top of a pizza, grilled until golden is delicious
  • A simple soup made with onion, garlic, potato, zucchini, and chicken or vegetable stock


  • Sliced into batons, zucchini can be added to your favourite stir fry, risotto or frittata
  • Zucchini sticks can be crumbed with polenta and parmesan, then baked as chips to serve with a protein of your choice
  • Use zucchinis with the season’s plentiful supply of tomatoes and basil in a home-made tomato sauce or rustic ratatouille style dish
  • Monster marrows can be scooped out and stuffed with veggies and herbs, as well as mince and/or lentils, chickpeas or rice – topped with cheese and breadcrumbs or almond meal if you wish, then baked until golden


  • Grated zucchini and chocolate make a delicious moist cake or muffins
  • Pop some zucchini in a smoothie – go green with avo, pear and ginger; or red with frozen berries, vanilla and yoghurt; or sweeter with frozen banana, dates or honey, and cinnamon (this a good way to use the flesh of a zucchini which has been scooped out before stuffing – so nothing goes to waste)


  • Cut rounds of zucchini and use instead of crackers – topped with tomato, cheese and basil
  • Use zucchini sticks on a platter with tasty dips
  • Make a quick relish with diced zucchini, onion, tomato, vinegar and herbs
  • Savoury muffins with grated zucchini, sundried tomatoes and feta are a tasty number

Obviously these healthy ideas can be swapped up between breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks – if it’s wholesome, anything goes anytime!

Check out these recipes from Wicked Wellbeing to help you get started:



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