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How many times have you tried to kick start some healthy habits and make your health and wellbeing a priority, only to go swimmingly for the first few weeks or months and then find you just fall back into your old ways, making you feel inadequate, a failure and guilty that you can’t stay on track?

Have you even given up trying?

Let me tell you something…

You’re not a failure, you’re not inadequate and there’s no need to feel guilty! To be completely honest, you’re totally normal. Do you know our brain is actually negatively wired to focus and remember the negative stuff so we need to work really really hard to stay positive and thinking positively all the time? It’s really hard work! So it’s no wonder we find it hard, especially as women because we’re so critical of ourselves.

Do you know want is the missing key element is for you?


Accountability is an absolute game changer and it’s what you get from having a health coach! It’s where you have a cheer leader, someone who has your back and wants you to succeed, someone who helps you set some achievable goals and uses proven strategies to make them happen, but where they don’t push you so far out of your comfort zone that you don’t even know where to start.

That’s why I’m super passionate about being a health coach. 

I work individually with women like you who want more, to help improve your health, vitality and wellbeing. I help you change your behaviours in 5 core areas, that have been proven to have a positive impact. These include mental wellbeing, fitness, nutrition, coping with stress and sleep.

We work together to expand your capacity for a life style change that is sustainable for the long term, and I give you permission to put yourself first, so you feel valued, worthy and respected.

This is a 3 month programme, delivered online or in person if you’re local to Mt Albert, Auckland. The programme is tailored specifically to your individual needs and supported with tools, resources, accountability and support, alongside my expertise.

The only caveat to me becoming your health coach is you need to be ready and committed to making a change with your health and wellbeing. I’ll walk beside you and cheer you on, but I won’t drag you because that will make it hard work for both of us.

Here’s what Lesieli had to say after working together:

” I had been following Wick for some time and loved everything she stood for and inspired women to do. Through 1-1 coaching, Wick helped me to transform my life, especially in the areas of my relationship with food, and how I manage my physical health eg sleep, exercise, and stress. When I started with Wick, I was out of control and everything was all over the place. To manage my stress, I was constantly running to food. By the end of my sessions, everything had shifted from the inside out. I was more in control with life and happy with where I was at. The investment is worth it!

Wick will help you change your life and help you to re-centre your priorities so that your wellbeing propels you in the direction you want to go.” Leseili Oliver

If you’d like to know more about how 1-1 coaching works, please Book a free 30 minute discovery call HERE and we’ll see if this is right for you.